Welcome to tadmas...

OK, so it's been a really really loooong time since I've updated anything. I keep telling myself that eventually I'll have time to update stuff once I get everything cooking on the backend, but real-life work keeps getting in the way. So, here's an idea of when things will get going. (Never! Oh, wait, turn down the pessimism for a sec...)

So, I have a redesigned layout ready, which is the easy part. The hard part is (1) having something to write about and (2) displaying it. You see, I moved from the old hosting service to a VPS so that somebody wouldn't randomly, say, turn off PHP on my site or block all emails from Yahoo (thanks, Microworld). The problem is that now I have tons of options, and knowing me, I'd go with the craziest one of all.

I'm using YAWS as my server, which is actually a fairly sane option, but I'm also writing the backend of the site to go along with it. No simple PHP templates or pre-made blogging software. I want control over the whole enchilada. And that takes time.

Unfortunately, a lot of my time has been taken up by my side projects, Bot Brackets, the March Madness bracket contest for programmers. You should check it out!

What is tadmas?

Hmmm, people ask me that question a lot. Let's just say that it almost certainly doesn't mean what you think it means. Could it be...

No, actually, the correct answer is that it's an acronym: This Acronym Doesn't Mean Anything Special.