Your browser needs to support Java applets in order to play this game.

How To Play

NOTE: This is a game under development. Some things may not work quite right, and other things might not be done at all. And, yes, I know there are other programs out there with more features. I just created this one since I got hooked on solving the puzzles and wondered how hard it was to generate them.

Sudoku is a puzzle where the numbers 1-9 appear in each row, column, and marked 3x3 cell. Enter the correct number in the box until all numbers have been entered. To select a box, click it with the mouse or use the arrow keys to move the selection. Type a number to enter it in the box or type Shift + number to enter or remove it as a note. Numbers appear in one of the following colors:

Note that coloring incorrect numbers in red means that, should you want to, you can cheat by simply hitting 1-9 until the number turns black. That will solve the puzzle for you, but that's no fun. :) Fixing that is on my to-do list.

Right now, when you've solved the puzzle, you have to hit "Refresh" in your browser (usually F5 on the keyboard) to get a new one. Sorry.

See Any Bugs?

If you see the game doing something really odd, please send me an email about it. Since it's under development, I'm sure there's bound to be a bug or two.